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September 2016 Archives

Single mother and the child support myth

Michigan residents may be interested to know how child support is determined. A number of high-profile child support cases may contribute to the common misconception that child support paid to single mothers are usually excessive. However, the purpose of child support is to make sure that the children have access to the same standard of living they would have if their parents were married.

Using a prenuptial agreement

Michigan couples who are considering marriage should know that prenuptial agreements are not only for those who have considerable wealth. Anyone who has assets or expects to inherit assets may use a prenuptial agreement to specify how their property is to be treated if a divorce or death occurs. Prenuptial agreements can be used to directly address alimony, claims on property by a surviving spouse and the fair distribution of assets.

Making divorce easier for the kids

When Michigan families break up, the divorce can be very difficult for the children even when the actual process is quick and the parents remain friendly. However, there are a few ways that parents can lessen the impact of the changes on the kids.