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August 2016 Archives

Study shows clear pattern in divorce filings

Michigan residents who file for divorce in August may have chosen the late summer to part from their spouse because they are following a 'domestic ritual" calendar. That was a suggestion of a study on divorce by University of Washington sociologists. The researchers found that divorces peak in August and March, periods that follow traditional family holidays.

Migration rate decrease may be due to child custody issues

Michigan residents who are considering relocating may be interested to learn that migration rates across the U.S. have dropped to almost half of what they were 50 years ago. According to research findings, one major contributing factor to decreased migration rates has been child custody.

Verifying paternity

For unmarried couples in Michigan, determining the paternity of a child is a necessary task and can be useful if the couple separates. Unlike married couples, there is no assumption as to who is the father of a child. A paternity test is needed for situations such as a father filing for child custody.