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Every family is unique, which is why each faces family law issues with different needs and concerns. At Jackman & Kasody, PLLC, an established Michigan Divorce and Family Law firm, we are dedicated to providing clients with customized representation in Divorce and Family Law matters that makes their best interests the top priority.

We serve Oakland County as well as Wayne, Macomb, Livingston and Washtenaw counties.

Our firm is small, but powerful. We bring more than 45 years of combined experience to every case we handle and draw on our in-depth knowledge of the law and the local legal community to help clients make strategic, informed decisions about their future.

Jackman & Kasody, PLLC handles all types of divorce and family law cases, including those with the largest or the smallest estates. The attorneys at Jackman & Kasody, PLLC will ensure that you receive a fair and equitable division of your estate, whether it includes a multimillion-dollar business or simply property with sentimental value. We at Jackman & Kasody, PLLC understand and will fight for your rights as a parent so you can be confident your relationship with your children will not be hurt because of a divorce. Attorneys at Jackman & Kasody, PLLC want to make your divorce experience as stress-free as possible. Jackman & Kasody, PLLC will make sure you can be an involved parent and have the resources to be able to help your children thrive even following a divorce. Jackman & Kasody, PLLC is there for you in your time of need and uncertainty about the future. Call us. Let us help.

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Working Together To Serve You Better

At Jackman & Kasody, PLLC, we collaborate on cases so that you benefit from the expertise of two seasoned advocates, and we ensure that nothing is overlooked. Our team approach to divorce and family law also gives us the ability to more effectively tailor our representation strategies to a client's unique needs. Because our practice is devoted exclusively to divorce and family law, we are always aware of legal developments which might affect our clients.

Helping Clients Plan For The Future

Often divorce and family law issues signify a transition. Whether you are paving your own way after a divorce or finding a way to work together to co-parent, planning for the future is an important step in moving forward. Our team is committed to supporting clients through this process with personal attention and straightforward legal advice.

At Jackman & Kasody, PLLC, we work closely with our clients, crafting representation plans that reflect their goals. We draw on a large network of well-respected experts in a variety of fields to provide clients with the resources they need to build a road map for the future. Then, we serve as steadfast advocates in settlement negotiations and at trial, ensuring clients have the best chance to secure resolutions that work for them in their divorce or family law issue.

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